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NIKO Camp Types

Niko camps are uniquely designed to achieve varying outcomes and goals specific to different age groups and levels of experience! These are outlined below:


  • Outdoor Camp

  • 4-5 days in length

  • For age 12 and up

  • The focus is learning about Teamwork, Leadership, Surrender, and Servanthood.


  • Outdoor Camp

  • 6 days

  • For those who have done and lead Niko 1

  • The focus is learning about keeping your personal life in order, strengthening your relationship with God, and solving upcoming challenges in the audience of One.

Urban NIKO

Urban Niko
  • Urban Setting

  • 3-4 days

  • For ages 16 and up

  • The focus is learning about God’s heart for cities, injustice & indifference, the way we look at others, and how we deal with the way others look at us.

Crossroads NIKO

Crossroads Niko
  • Semi-outdoor Camp

  • 4 days

  • For ages 60 and up (retired people)

  • The focus is looking back at what God has done in our lives, understanding our place in this season and age, and receiving God's dreams for the future.

Family NIKO

Family Niko
  • Outdoor Camp

  • 5 days

  • For ages 5 and up

  • The focus is learning about decision making, how to show love and encourage others, developing faith in our family, teamwork and celebrating together!

Other forms of NIKO like NIKO 3, “Father & Son NIKO”, “Narnia NIKO”, “Old Testament NIKO”, etc have started in different locations across the globe.

NIKO has been and still is a great tool to train different groups of people like:

  • KKI Teams/Staff

  • PCYM Students

  • DTS’s or other YWAM schools outreach teams

  • Church groups & Youth groups

  • High-School & University Students

  • Bible College Students

  • Corporate groups

  • Sports Teams

  • … etc.

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