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NIKO comes from the Greek and is pronounced “nee-ko.” It means, “to subdue, conquer, overcome, or get the victory.”

A NIKO lets you learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of only listening. It will challenge you in your personal walk with God and others, through hands-on experiences.

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Mission Statement

"To offer outdoor experiences that provide practical opportunities to face the unknown, overcome challenges, grow in leadership, and strengthen one’s relationship

with God and others."

In a NIKO you learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of simply absorbing dry information. This ”hands-on” experience teaches you to grow in the interdependence of a team.

Through the NIKO experiences you will begin to understand more about yourself and the gifts that God has given to you. You will begin to learn what motivates you, as well as your unique style of leadership. A high priority is placed upon teamwork and perseverance. You will be challenged to increase your initiative, creativity, compassion, responsibility, and confidence through serving others.

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A NIKO will challenge you to discover your mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional strengths and weaknesses. Your relationship with God and others will be tested and/or proven through this experience and its physical challenges. You will learn to confront issues of leadership and personal identity. You will be required to face and overcome many obstacles that will be encountered in life’s future decisions.

The Beginning

NIKO was founded in 1985 in Hawaii as a program of King’s Kids International, to train Outreach teams by taking them out of their comfort zone and teaching them about Surrender, Teamwork and Servant Leadership for better, before they went overseas.
It was then exported to other parts of the world where it has seen growth and diversification through the years. It is now run in over 30 countries around the world.

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