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NIKO (v):
"To conquer,  overcome, subdue, or get the victory.”

What is Niko?

NIKO comes from the Greek and is pronounced “nee-ko.” It means, “to subdue, conquer, overcome, or get the victory.” A NIKO lets you learn in the classroom of life by “doing” instead of only ...

Different types of Niko

Niko camps are uniquely designed to achieve varying outcomes and goals specific to different age groups and levels of experience. There are several forms and types of NIKO ...

Niko Locations around the world

 We’re bound to have the right location for you to jump into Niko. We have Niko camps operating in over 30 countries around the world. You can find all our locations in the Google® ...

Mission Statement

"To offer outdoor experiences that provide practical opportunities to face the unknown, overcome challenges, grow in leadership, and strengthen one’s relationship with God and others."



NIKO International

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