Niko 1


“All of us have been able to do and live quite … unexpected things! All the activities I have done have allowed me to have more confidence in myself, and each of us has discovered fully how to trust in God.”       – Colombe (France)


“Niko camp allowed me to see God working in my life. I realized the power of prayer when i needed to overcome my fears.”  –  Gabriella (France)


“During this camp, I learned to let go and go beyond my limits with God.”  – Belinda (France)


“I learned to trust.  I had a problem with trusting people.  That really came through with the group I was in.  It was a really shocking thing that I could learn to trust someone.”  –  US Niko participant


“NIKO taught me some things about being consistent in character, even if I’m not the designated leader or the person with the title; that I always have to maintain the character a leader would have.”  –  US Niko participant


“I think the main thing that I’m going to take home with me is that I know what my potential is, that I can do more than I do.”  –  US Niko participant


“I come and I keep doing NIKO’s because I see in this generation, a need for kids to believe in themselves, to believe in the heart that they have, and to believe in the God-given gifts that they have. And NIKO seems to be a unique opportunity to give themselves and to have a chance to lead.  Everybody has a turn to lead, and they get to see that they can bring a team successfully through any situation.”  –  US Niko participant


“I’ve learned how to work as a team effectively, to rely on and to value others. I will be able to take this to my church and work more effectively as a team.”  –  Josh (New Zealand/HK)


“I’ve learned how to surrender my mind to God and focus on Him, allowing Him to strengthen my mind to be able to accomplish anything.”  –  Megan (South Africa)


“This Niko will change my life because like in Niko, I don’t know what’s next, and this is the same as walking in God’s ways. I don’t know what’s next, but I know He takes care of me.”  –  Yolanda (Honduras)


Urban Niko

“This was incredible, it really opened my eyes to the beauty and darkness of this wonderful city I have the privilege to live in!”  –  Laura (USA)


“I learned that God’s heart yearns for every single individual, rich, poor, He sees us all with Love.”  –  Rebekah (USA)


“I’ve learned that God would like us to take a minute from our busyness and look up to Him. To be in His presence. To love justice, so the cities and nations turn to Him. Urban Niko strengthened my faith and encouraged me to take on and step out to reach the people of Hong Kong. To listen to their stories and intercede on their behalf.”  –  Clarence (Hong Kong)


“Having a greater understanding of the big picture will help my heart to follow what God has for me in this city.”  –  Urban Niko participant (Hong Kong)


“I’ve often been one of the people who rush around, focused only on where I’m going. This Urban Niko has encouraged me to acknowledge the people around me and receive God’s heart for them.”  –  Sherilyse (Australia)


“I believe that I have come to love this city and understand the way God looks at cities to a greater extent, which I hope will lead me to be a more active participant in Hong Kong to influence and build up.”  –  Spencer (Canada)


“It’s very meaningful to do Urban Niko as a born and raised Hong-Konger. I felt the calling to contend for HK –  to understand our real identity in God and our role in His plan.”  –  Jan (Hong Kong)