Niko Camps


Niko camps are uniquely designed to achieve varying outcomes and goals specific to different age groups and levels of experience. These are outlined below:


  • Outdoor Camp
  • 4-5 days
  • For age 12 and up
  • Learning about Teamwork, Leadership, Surrender and Servanthood.


  • Outdoor Camp
  • 6 days
  • For those who have done and lead Niko 1
  • Learning about keeping your personal life in order, strengthening your relationship with God and solving upcoming challenges in the audience of One.


  • Outdoor Camp
  • 5-6 days
  • For already existing teams
  • Learning and reflecting on the way your team functions, your leadership and how you as a team can grow in establishing the Kingdom of God in your own and other cultures

Urban NIKO:

  • Urban Setting
  • 3-4 days
  • For age 16 and up
  • Learning about Surrender, God’s heart for cities, Injustice and Indifference, the way we look at others and how we deal with the way others look at us.

Family NIKO:

  • Outdoor Camp
  • 5 days
  • For age 5 and up
  • Learning about Decision Making, How to show love and encourage others, Developing Faith in our Family, Teamwork and Celebrating Together!

Other forms of NIKO like “Father & Son NIKO”, “Narnia NIKO”, “Old Testament NIKO”, etc… have started in different locations across the globe.

NIKO has been and still is a great tool to train different groups of people like:

  • KKI Teams/Staff
  • PCYM Students
  • DTS’s or other YWAM schools outreach teams
  • Church groups, youth groups
  • High-School, University Students
  • Bible College Students
  • Corporate groups
  • Sports Teams
  • … etc.

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